Comox Valley RCMP bust scooter-driving senior

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A Comox Valley senior has run afoul of the law for the unspeakable crime of operating his four-wheel mobility scooter on the right-hand side of the road.

The local RCMP slapped George Westman with a $109 fine last week for driving his scooter inappropriately.

His crime? “Failure to use the sidewalk.”

Had George followed the letter of the law and driven his hot wheels down the left-hand side of the road – seriously angering oncoming motorists – the cops would have given him a pass and returned to real policing.

The Motor Vehicle Act considers mobility scooter drivers to be “pedestrians” who must use the sidewalk or the left edge of the roadway facing traffic.

Westman says driving on the left edge is flat out dangerous. “When I drive on the left-hand side of the road, facing traffic, every person who passes me shakes their firsts, honks their horns,” he told Editor Terry Farrell at the Comox Valley Record.

“The last time I rode on the left-hand side a big pick-up almost run me off the road. He came as close as he could, shaking his fist out the window. The general public simply does not know that scooters are supposed to drive on the left-hand side and that is dangerous.”

As far as driving on the sidewalk is concerned, Westman says they aren’t wide enough. He thinks he should be treated the same way as a cyclist who pedals in the roadway with the traffic flow.

The City of Courtenay says it is working to make the sidewalks more scooter-friendly. The local RCMP are saying nothing.


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